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Please read the following before coming to shoot with us

Due to the Metacon Gun Club range constraints and a desire to provide each shooter with a safe and enjoyable Metacon IDPA match, we MUST limit the number of competitors for each match.

In order to get a spot in a Metacon IDPA match, you must read and understand the information below.

We use Practiscore for our match registration and to post match results. You can find PractiScore at this link:


You can find Metacon Gun Club matches in this list by scrolling through it and finding matches listed by the match date. Matches will be listed as "Metacon IDPA". You can use the find feature of your browser to speed up the search for Metacon matches i.e. press Ctrl-F or select from the "Edit" or "Find" tabs.

If you do not hold a MM or higher classification in IDPA or a D class or better in IPSC/USPSA, you and your equipment will be required to go through a safety check before shooting with us.

It is highly recommended that you get on our email list. We use the email list to contact shooters with any last minute match changes and to contact specific shooters if needed. We do not share our list with any commercial entities. Include the information noted below when you request to be put on our contact list:

  • Full Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • If you are a member of Metacon Gun club
  • If you are an IDPA member, include your IDPA number and classification
  • If you are a IPSC/USPSA member, include your number and classification
If you are not an IDPA or IPSC/USPSA member also include:
  • Any action shooting experience you may have ie. falling plates, pins, etc
  • Your experience and comfort level with drawing from a holster
Send all the requested information to
Fulfilling these requirements will get you on our email list.

For new and Non-IDPA members, we request that you refer to the "Shooters Area" to the left and download and read the "IDPA Rulebook" and "IDPA Scoring" and "Welcome to IDPA Shooting"

We do not expect you to know these 100% but a familiarization of these documents will help you in passing the safety check.

Remember, our goal is that:

"Metacon IDPA matches remain a safe, welcoming and challenging experience enjoyed by both new and experienced shooters alike"

This can only happen if we limit the total match attendance and all shooters who do attend these matches help the staff make each match safe and satisfying for all shooters present.

Thank-You for your understanding!

Visit the Metacon Gun Club Here

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